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Digesting The Merits of Edible Cannabis

Cannabis-infused products have been flooding the market in the past few years. Whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, edibles offer a viable option for users who prefer not to experience its therapeutic or intoxicating effects through inhalation. 

Edible products come in a variety of forms including baked goods, gummies and beverages. They are often marketed as convenient and efficient methods compared to inhalation, which can cause a variety of pulmonary issues such as lung inflammation and bronchitis. However, cannabis edibles present their own set of challenges which need to be studied and reviewed by policymakers. One of which is the dosage and the length of its effects. 

Ingested cannabis tends to take effect much slower than through inhalation. They also typically last longer in the body’s system and coupled with the fact that they are often presented in the form of snacks, which can lead to overdose. 

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