From Jelly to Vegan Superfood: Uncovering Gracilaria changgi Red Algae’s Nutritional Potential

Hidden in the mangroves of tropical Malaysia is a plant that contains the nutritional value of broccoli, soybeans and eggs combined. The red algae or Gracilaria changgi has traditionally been used as agar for gelatinous desserts in South East Asia. But a study on the aquatic vegetable has uncovered a wealth of nutritional content and may even elevate its status to superfood. 

The study carried out by scientists from the Science University of Malaysia broke down G. changgi’s composition and discovered that the red algae contains a high amount of calcium, iron and protein which is higher or comparable to broccoli. It also offers a good source of fiber and amino acids, which makes it an appealing dietary option to vegans and vegetarians. 

Download the full report for further details.

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