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Research And Advancement of Medicinal Cannabis Stalled By Legal Regulations

Cannabis and cannabinoid products have been widely used to alleviate symptoms and treat diseases. Historical records have even shown humans using this plant as far back as 400 AD. Its usage varies from chronic pain to management of neurological conditions such as epilepsy. However cannabis is not without its side effects, some patients in controlled groups reported dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting after consuming cannabis products. 

Without a doubt more clinical studies and research needs to be carried out to isolate beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant. However development in this field is hampered by current regulation and legal technicalities. Cannabis possession and cultivation is still illegal on a federal level, while states that permit medicinal cannabis use have established individual laws and restrictions on the sale of cannabis for medical purposes.

This paper takes a look at the history and pharmacology of cannabis therapy and how we can move forward towards more responsible and regulated usage.

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